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Black and white photo of Anne. She has white skin and a shaved head. She's wearing a tight black bodysuit with thumbhole sleeves. Her arms are hovering horizontally, and she is gazing up.

Anne Kjær is a transdisciplinary artist making work, often collaboratively, across multiple fields and mediums, including live performance, sound composition, film, installation, and site-specific art.

Anne’s work is inquisitive about the human condition, multi-sensorial, immersive, emotionally delicate, sonically dense, and informed by her own neurodivergence. At the centre of her practice is the body; its sensory apparatus; movements; stories; and its desire and capacity for communication and connection.

Coming from a background in acting and theatre, Anne developed an interest in physical theatre and contemporary dance. As someone without formal training in dance, her choreographic approach is grounded in contemporary somatic practices. Her work accentuates connecting the internal to the external; improvisation; awakening the imagination; expanding and refining the quality and texture of movement; longevity; and discovering pleasure and power in playful effort. Anne seeks inspiration from the movement language of Gaga, the movement research of Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek (Fighting Monkey), Body Weather training (Min Tanaka), Contact Improvisation, and other contemporary movement practices.

Four female performers on stage, wearing black underwear, and sitting on wooden chairs in a circle, facing away from each other. The performers are all in the same position, one elbow on the knee, resting the head in the hand. They are gazing contemplatively into the distance. The stage is bathed in a soft purple and orange light.
Anne with short hair, wearing black sunglasses, blue sweatshirt, and jeans. Sunshine frames her body as she has one hand on to the bars of a large iron cage. Green trees and bushes form a backdrop behind her.

Anne’s compositional approach is minimalist; centred around building multi-layered structures of electro-acoustic and live sounds. She uses field recordings, electronically processed sounds, and live and recorded vocals to create works that evoke sensual imagery and contemplation. Anne has made work for intimate headphone experiences as well as multi-channel, amplified systems.

In her role as collaborator and facilitator Anne is committed to an ethics of care: to being attentive and responsive towards the needs of others; to awaken to the teachings that others may offer her; to being aware of her influence and responsibility; to the cultivation of empathy for all and adaptability in her means of communication.

Anne’s definition of care is an amalgamation of the work of Joan Tronto, Berenice Fischer, Virginia Held, and adrienne maree-brown: Care is the work we do to maintain, recover, nurture, and entreasure the well-being in ourselves, each other, and the world, so that we may live in it as best as possible.

Anne is dancing on the grass among the tombstones on the hill of Glasgow Necropolis. Wearing white sneakers and a long black dress that flows around her as she moves, she dances to the music coming through the headphones she's wearing.
An audience is sitting on benches and on the floor while observing Anne standing in the centre of a large studio with exposed, wooden beams. Black curtains frame the studio space and a crimson tulle is draped along the curtain in a wave-like pattern. Anne is wearing a crimson boiler suit and her head is shaved. She is resting her hands on her chest while looking up.

Originally from Copenhagen and now based in Glasgow, Anne graduated from the Contemporary Performance Practice programme at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2023.

She is currently working as assistant producer with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company on their spring 2024 tour of Don't. Make. Tea.


For inquiries about commissions, collaborations, new and pre-existing work, please visit the contact page.

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