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Photography: Jassy Earl

Caring Improvisations (for the Kibble (2023)

‘A caring improvisation is a moment when we draw upon a set of rehearsed cognitive and bodily skills of enquiry and action to responsively perform care on the behalf of the needs of others.’ – Maurice Hamington  


Caring Improvisations sees two performers move through the Kibble Palace in an exploration of how we care for ourselves, each other, and the public spaces that provide opportunity for us to do so.  


The Kibble Palace is a greenhouse in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens and the last greenhouse in Glasgow to have free public access. In February 2023, Glasgow City Council decided to implement an entry fee to the Kibble Palace which will create further economic barriers for people accessing this public recreational and educational space during a cost-of-living crisis.

This work is available on commission for adaption to other sites and contexts and can be performed by one or multiple for performers.


Anne Kjær: concept, performer

Daniela Gassi: viola, performer

Watch the trailer for Caring Improvisations:

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