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If You Could Touch Me Now (2021)

Even if my body is twisted

it is sacred to me

Is it true that those who seek beauty will find it?


An audio-visual poem exploring the intersection between disability and sensuality. Featuring artistic director of Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, Robert Softley Gale, the film invites the viewer to relate intimately to the question of how we perceive touch and pleasure from the perspective of people with disabilities.

If You Could Touch Me Now has been featured online at Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival (2022), Superfest Disability Film Festival (2021), and live at the Neurostages Festival in Glasgow (2021).


Robert Softley Gale: performer

Brooke Walker: narrator

Anne Kjær: filmmaker, performer, sound design


Closed captions.

Audio descripted version available.

Watch If You Could Touch Me Now here:

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