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Photography: Julia Bauer and Jassy Earl

In My Dreams (2023)

Once there was a heart and it was reeling

Turning on its axis, withstanding the laws of nature

The heart was a fragile creature, misguided about the way things really are

The heart put itself into many things

It put a lot into you

That heart was mine

That heart was foolish,

and it was mine


In My Dreams is a transdisciplinary solo performance - an amalgamation of installation, spoken word, choreography, song, and bodily metamorphosis.

It uses sonic layering and mixing as fundamental methods and consists of two parts: a 17-minute sound installation and a 30-minute live performance.

The work is about a love that runs in circuits; coming back. Again. And again. It returns with an intensity that makes you wish it would stop. It's about the desires of the heart revealed through dreams. It's about the relentless attachment and re-construction of identity and relationships. Relationships that break apart when one person disintegrates and is rearranged in a new constellation.

"At first, it seemed to be a performance about transcending identity for both performer and audience, but perhaps it’s actually about connections between people? Or maybe it’s about the ephemeral nature of being, and how time and people are non-linear? At times, I wonder if it’s just about love.” (Anne)


In My Dreams premiered at Tramway, Glasgow in February 2023.


Anne Kjær: concept, composer, performer

Lucy Cash: mentor

Alistair MacDonald: mentor

Watch the trailer for In My Dreams:

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