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Keepers of Sound (2023)

Keepers of Sound is a collaborative practice-based research project that explores innovative sound making practices to expand the awareness of the diversity of human sonic experiences. The project promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration and establishes creative networks between d/Deaf and hearing students at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. 


Students collaborated intensively over a 4-day period which culminated in an open sharing of the work-in-progress that took place at the RCS in March 2023. The sharing took the shape of an interactive installation in which visitors were invited to participate in the creation and experience of sound. 

Keepers of Sound consists of students from programs in Performance in BSL and English, Contemporary Performance Practice, Composition, and Doctoral Performance Studies. 


Keepers of Sound was supported and funded by the EDI Creative Fund at RCS and has received funding from The Innovation Studio to undergo further research and development in the summer 2024. 

Credits/original research group:

Stephanie Lamprea: soprano

Tom Macfadyen: composer

Ross McGeough: performer

Yuki Kim: performer

Anne Kjær: performer

Karen Forbes: BSL/English interpretation

Watch participants talk about the project:

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