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Photography: Robbie McFadzean

IPSA DIXIT by Kate Soper (2023)

"IPSA DIXIT is the feminized form of ipse dixit (literally "he, himself, said it"), a term used to describe a fallacious claim based on the authority of the claimer alone – e.g., "I don't need to prove that what I say is true, it's true because I say so!"

IPSA DIXIT is an evening-length work of chamber music theatre by composer, Kate Soper, that explores the tantalizingly convoluted intersections of music, language, and meaning through a deep interweaving of music and text, complex instrumental textures, contemporary vocal techniques, and blistering ensemble virtuosity. Scored for voice, flute, violin, and percussion, and developed over several years of intense collaboration with the members of Wet Ink, IPSA DIXIT blends elements of monodrama, Greek theatre, and screwball comedy in its examination of the treachery of language and the questionable authenticity of musical expression." (Kate Soper)

A selection of movements from IPSA DIXIT was performed by Stephanie Lamprea in April 2023 for her doctoral studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. The performance was co-choreographed and co-staged by Stephanie Lamprea and Anne  Kjær.


Kate Soper: composer

Stephanie Lamprea: soprano, choreography

Richard Craig: flute

Feargus Hetherington: violin

Darren Gallacher: percussion

Anne Kjær: movement, choreography

IPSA DIXIT is available to tour. Please contact Stephanie Lamprea through her website.

Watch Stephanie Lamprea's doctoral recital of IPSA DIXIT below:

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