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Photography: Robbie McFadzean

The Dead Can Dance (2021)

It’s the year 1349. Under your feet is a rushing river, the Molendinar Burn, which some say to have carried corpses of the plague and infested the waters of Glasgow...

As you’re stood among the graves, beside them or flanking them, firstly take their stance. Join them in overlooking the city they built.


A site-specific audio walk through Glasgow Necropolis which takes the listener on a contemplative journey through the City of the Dead. The score invites the listener to engage with the site and the inhabitants of the Necropolis by imagining the lives they might have lived and inviting them for a dance.

The audio track is made for headphones and accompanied by a booklet with the full transcript and visual representations of the site for reference.

The Dead Can Dance was created under social distancing restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was first performed at the Propel festival at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in June 2021.

This piece is available on commission. Please visit the contact page for inquiries.


Margot Conde Arenas: concept and development

Bishop May Down: concept and development

Anne Kjær: soundscape, concept and development

Ashanti Harris: mentor

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