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Photography: Julia Bauer

JANE (2022)

​But love is just a fleeting moment, it’s a flea 

leaping from heart to heart, savagely, murderously 

no, my love, this is not for me 


JANE was a movement-based live performance that utilized choreography, spoken word, and physical barriers to explore intimacy, proximity, and the struggle to connect. It's about the desires we want to voice but ultimately don't; the lusty obsessions; the lonely desperation. 

JANE was performed at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in March 2022.​


Gracie Richmond: concept and performer

Gaia Silvan: concept and performer

Kloee Huberdeau: concept and performer

Anne Kjær: concept and performer

Mele Broomes: mentor

Mhairhi Burton Coyle: lighting design

Watch the trailer for JANE:

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