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Graphic score: Tom Macfadyen

The GIFt of the GAB (2022)

A sound art piece for headphones, co-created by Tom Macfadyen and Anne Kjær.


Dear listener

In January 2022 we set out to compose a sonic art piece together, following a set of rules we had agreed upon. The most important rule being that the piece should be composed solely by sending sound recordings and edits back and forth - a sort of sound notes or letters - while never discussing the work verbally with each other. We broke many of the rules but never this one. We also exchanged visual materials - graphic scores and movement improvisations - to support the development of the piece. Yet, at the centre of the collaboration remained a sonic dialogue in which we searched for each other, listened, shared stories, misheard each other, concocted, and blended our thoughts into one big nonsense smoothie. The GIFt of the GAB is the noisy offspring of that rambling conversation. Hope you enjoy.


Tom & Anne


Tom Macfadyen: composer, graphic score

Anne Kjær: concept, composer, movement score

Listen to GIFt of the GAB here:

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