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Photography: Ingrid Mur

Between Bars (2022)

I feel completely powerless. Like the world is intruding on my life and I have no say in what is happening to me and this feels like the only way I can reclaim my power. If I can’t control anything else, at least I can control this.


Between Bars was a sound installation created in response to Anish Kapoor's sculpture Suck at Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh.

Between Bars takes you through a whirlpool of shame and despair to the dimension of those who resign from the land of the living. It attempts to give sound to the  dark void experienced by people who battle mental illness, addiction, and other self-destructive, obsessive behaviour.

The piece was composed of field recordings from Jupiter Artland and vocal studio recordings.


Anne Kjær: composer, concept and development

Margot Conde Arenas: vocals

Bishop May Down: vocals

Gracie Richmond: vocals

Gaia Silvan: vocals

Watch the documentation of Between Bars:

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